Welcome to Crypto-Anthropologist!

This website is about all things interesting, pertaining to our Planet and it's hystery. (Mystery and History. See? So Wise!)

From the myths about Mermaids, Megaliths, and Fire-Breathing Dragons, to Sea People, Sunken Cities, and Advanced Ancient Civilizations. 

From fact to fantasy, and the fantastical realm where the two merge. 

Even in this modern age with all our modern technology, we are still discovering new species, new archaeological finds -- even entire new mountain ranges.   

With every answer comes a hundred new questions. And the more we discover, the more we realize how much there is left to discover. Each new discovery adds but a small piece to the great puzzle of our existence. 

Scientists, scholars, and philosophers have always long sought to understand the meaning of life -- the secrets of the universe. Yet, with or without understanding, our planet will never cease to fascinate. 

The mysteries of our past are hidden all around us. Etched into the rugged walls of the highest mountain peaks, or sunken to the depths of the uncharted oceans, buried beneath centuries, nay millennia of sun, storms, and shifting sands. Time moves on, yet the secrets remain, waiting to be discovered. 

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  1. many thanks for your excellent translation and posting of the "rolling" stone... have shared it to 'Save Kailash" and my personal Fb timeline under my name christel pilz, ( herta rommel is my mother's name_ .

    1. Thanks for sharing, and glad you enjoyed reading :) I'm actually a little surprised it hasn't been translates before.