Indonesia Archaeology News

Indonesia Archaeology News

Indonesia Archaeology News - Crypto-Anthropologist

 Latest Archaeology News from Indonesia is a new topic that we are going to be posting about on Crypto-Anthropologist. The goal will be for history and archaeology enthusiasts to be able to find all the latest archaeological news and ancient discoveries from Indonesia right here. (We really can’t be bothered to repost World Archaeology News that has already been written and re-written about thousands of times.) 

Almost every day, there’s a new thousand-year-old temple discovered, or something odd being dug up in Central Java. Most of the time, it never makes the International news. More often than not, the stories vanish into oblivion on the back page of the local community newsletter. Huge (both literally and figuratively) discoveries like the Gunung Padang Pyramid should be common knowledge by now. Oddly though, many people in Indonesia have never even heard of it. 

Therefore, we are making it our mission to be the first to bring you any new historical and archaeological finds from across the 17,000 islands that we call Indonesia. 

With more Archaeology News from Indonesia widely available to the English speaking public, hopefully this will shed more light onto the history of this fascinating archipelago nation. 

And, who knows? Maybe somewhere beneath the Java Sea, or buried below layers of volcanic ash, we may just find the missing link the fits the pieces of our history together. 

For the latest Archaeological News from Indonesia, watch this space. See you there!

Indonesia Archaeology News - Cyrpto-Anthropologist


  1. Fascinating! Been on the "trail" of human history now for about 2 years, how has this escaped me?! Looking into flight now lol...
    Keep it up guys, much aloha...

    1. Thanks for the support! Which places have you visited so far?

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