8 Mysterious Facts about Gunung Padang that Will Make you Want to Dig it up Yourself!

Gunung Padang Pyramid in Indonesia the largest Megalithic complex in Southeast Asia. The Indonesian Pyramid consists of 5 ascending terraces, constructed throughout several eras between 5,000 BC and possibly as far back as 20,000 BC. Aside from the upper-most terrace of the structure, the Padang Pyramid remains buried underground.
 If the very idea of a massive underground pyramid that may or may not be the oldest man-made structure on the planet doesn’t pique your interest, here are 8 reasons why Gunung Padang is probably one of the most intriguing discoveries of our time. 

Gunung Padang Megalithic Indonesia Pyramid

1. The Pyramid is Buried in a Hill.

Gunung Padang Megalithic Ruins.
Gunung Padang Megalithic Ruins. Source.
When the site was first discovered in 1914, it was thought to be a megalithic ruin on top of a natural hill. Only in 2010, was it discovered that those ruins were really the top of a gigantic pyramid that continued far beneath the surface. 

2. Gunung Padang could be the Oldest Pyramid, older than the Pyramids of Giza, Stone Henge, and Gobekli Tepe. 

Oldest man made structure in the world
Age of Gunung Padang compared to other Ancient Sites.
 Geological surveys have dated parts of the Padang Pyramid to as old as 20,000 BC. If these numbers are accurate, this puts the construction of Gunung Padang a good 10,000 years before The Great Pyramid of Giza, past the last Ice Age, changing everything we think we know about human history.

3. Gunung Padang Pyramid goes against everything we think we know about the last 10,000 years of History. 

Ancient Civilizations built Gunung Padang
 If the pyramid indeed began construction in 20,000 BC, this would be proof of an entire lost civilization. Who are these people that could create intelligently designed structures 10 thousand years before the oldest known cities? And more importantly, where did they disappear to without so much as a trace?

4. Presidents make time in their schedule to visit Gunung Padang. 

Former President, Susilo Bambang Yudhono climbs the steps to Gunung Padang. Source.
Despite the site’s rural location, two Presidents of Indonesia have found the site significant enough to pay it a visit.  Susilo Bambang Yudhono, President of Indonesia at the time of Gunung Padang’s discovery, had a helipad installed atop the hill so that he could make frequent visits during the excavation. Joko Widodo, current President of Indonesia, has also visited the site.

5. Extraordinary discoveries prove the existence of an Ancient Advanced Civilization.

Padang Pyramid cross-section. Source.
 A report by Danny Hilman, the geologist who made the discovery, described the research as “not your usual culture and heritage research,” but something “extraordinary, beyond imagination.” The two-year excavation project had uncovered a network of halls, gateways, stairs and corridors. According to Gillman, Gunung Padang is indeed “a masterpiece of architecture, and proof of an intelligent and extremely advanced civilization.”

6. There’s something important that they’re not telling us.

In 2014, the excavation and research was mysteriously halted. Some sources claim that Andi Arief, a member of the Gunung Padang Research Team and ex-presidential staff to Susilo Bambang Yudhono, made mention of the discovery of something “very special,” “one-of-a-kind in the whole world,” and “advanced technology.

7. There’s really something important they’re not telling us.

In 2014, indigenous entrepreneurs offered a sum equal to roughly 1 billion US dollars for a 60% stake in the site, but the offer was refused.

8. We need to just go and excavate it ourselves.

Let's go. Source.
Despite the fact that Gunung Padang is easily the most significant archaeological find of the century, the excavation has not continued since being “paused” in 2014.

So.... Shall we?
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  1. so many questions needing answers! Will someone with power, wealth, and concern for knowledge of the history of our Lost Civilizations please stand up!

  2. Padang Pyramid occur to have similar attribute as Bosnia Pyramid.ie Mound Pyramid

  3. South wards of Padang Pyramid towards sea are "Christmas Island Seamounts"

  4. a similar site has also been identified on a hill 20km away it is rumoured

  5. a similar site has also been identified on a hill 20km away it is rumoured

    1. In Ciletuh Geopark I think. This one? http://cryptoanthropologist.blogspot.com/2016/06/stone-artifacts-reaveled-by-landslide-sukabumi.html

  6. anomalous energy electromagnetic waves can be felt. When the waves of the body we have harmony, then we can feel like a small earthquake while on the site footprint maung, kanuraqan site and the site of the throne. That is certainly a very strong mystical atmosphere of the ancestors is very pronounced

  7. That first picture that you sourced from MoviePilot.com, and by extension your 4th picture are not of Gunung Padang.

  8. Evidence of an ancient worldwide culture.Thor Heyerdahl was right. Indonesia may have been the source of settlement for the Americas, going from South America northward. Note the canals around this pyramid in some pictures.

  9. The first picture is Gunung Sadahurip not Gunung Padang..

    1. The author doesn't care about factual accuracy, only promoting sensationalized psuedo-history.

    2. At time of your comment, Ben, the first photo is actually taken myself at Gunung Padang :D

    3. Also curious that you took it yourself, yet the exact photo appears on other websites as far back as 2014... for some reason?


    4. Sorry, I didnt know that you have all the details about my flight schedules.

    5. Ah, so this other website is using your photo? 3 years before you ever posted it here on an article that you wrote about said topic? and could have used your own photos, but instead chose sensationalized, fictional pictures from other websites?

    6. Interestingly enough, you can reverse image search and see that that blog has actually republished several of my articles and happily credited them ;)

    7. It also doesn't take rocket science to see the link you shared is from June 2016.

    8. Fair enough, I was wrong on that account. However, they didn't credit that image. Although none of that dismisses my initial point, or that of MY Rasjad, that you are indeed using false information and fictional pictures in this post.

      And more than that, in your final point, you're encouraging people to play tomb raider and amaturely excavate the site themselves. Aside from the fact that excavation methods at this site are alreaddy in question, you must certainly know how many sites and artifact have been irreparably destroyed by such actions. Advising people to do so is incredibly irresponsible to collective history.

    9. The link is dated 2016, however, the article itself says posted 2014, and updated 2015.

    10. Please feel free to image search on your own. Thanks :D

    11. On the matter of pseudo-science, this blog is called Crypto-anthropologist, which is literally means the study of anthropology based on folklore or legend. I blog about a combination of fact, fiction, and my own random thoughts and theories.

      While I put every effort into only posting fact about the parts that are supposed to be factual, I will admit that I occasionally mispost, such as the previous Gunung Padang photo (Thanks, MY Rasjad for pointing that out! Another pyramid to explore?). On that note, like Gunung Padang, Gunung Sadahurip is ALSO a hill/mountain located in Indonesia that may or may not be a pyramid -- hardly a "fictional photo."

      And as for my final point, my point is to create an INTEREST in history. To raise AWARENESS that these fascinating mysteries of our past are literally buried all around us. For the people of Indonesia to know that they need not travel across the globe to Europe, Africa, or Easter Island to EXPERIENCE these wonders first hand, but that they can be found just a short drive away. Because history is the story of human knowledge and only through knowledge of the past can we courageously progress towards a brighter future.

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