Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting Crypto-Anthropologist!

If you’ve clicked on this page, then you must be at least a little bit curious about what secret and mysterious information I collect about my readers and what I do with it. 

I suppose it is necessary to include this somewhere on my website. Also, I was bored tonight and felt like writing something completely random.

Having no clue what a Privacy Policy should entail, I consulted Master Google and here are the 7 things that are necessary to mention. 

cryptoanthropologist privacy policy


1.    What information is collected?

Let’s be clear about one thing. The only information I collect, is the information that you freely give me :D In this case, it’s the email address that you use when you subscribe. 

2.    What do we do with it?

 I literally don’t do anything with it at all. My blog will automatically send you any latest posts to the email you subscribed with. Because my blog is smart like that. I most likely will not send you an email just to say Hello.


3.    Where is the data stored?

In an excel file on my computer. Don’t worry, its super safe though. My computer has a password. 

Okay, fine. It’s actually stored with Google Feedburner and GetSiteControl. I guess you’ll have to read their privacy policies. 

4.    Can I remove my data? 

Sure. If you would like to unsubscribe, you may do so at any time, but this may result in hours of agony over the loss of your readership. (So don’t unsubscribe, okay??) But if you must, I will delete your email address and it will never be seen again!

5.    Do we share your personal information?



6.    Yes, I use Google Adsesnse, and apparently I need to let my readers know.

 This means I make you glimpse the occasional advertisement while reading my posts to make up for the hours that I spend slaving away writing them :D


7.    This is point number seven.

 Seven just seems to be a nicer number than six. And I got you to spend an extra 10 seconds on my page.


The End!

If you've made it to the end of this page, Congratulations! You're probably the only person to have done so. Seriously, no one clicks on the privacy policy.

Have a question about this privacy policy? Feel free to drop me a complaint about what level of annoyed you felt after reading this.


  1. Tq for making time for this:)

  2. easiest EULA ever. outstsnding

    1. Haha, yes. This is what I do after GDPR. :D :D

  3. You ought to uncover the majority of this regardless of whether you don't plan on appropriating data to outsiders; diadiktiokaiasfalia

    1. Hi Charlie. I need to uncover the majority of what? Or do you mean I need to disclose this information? I'm quite amused that people are actually taking the time to read my privacy policy! :D