Were Ancient Pyramids & Megaliths giant Free-Energy Receptors?

Ancient Megalithic Sites around the world have mystified us for centuries. From Easter Island, to Stonehenge, the Carnac Stones, and Bada Valley – they all have one thing in common. All of these sites seem to have a bad habit of erecting massive standing stones miles and miles away from the stone quarry from which they were cut. Now, why would they go through all that trouble?

The Pyramid Energy Receptor. Source.
This is a very interesting theory that I’ve come across recently. I’ve not done any research, and therefore I have no opinion on the matter, except that it’s very interesting!

Stonehenge Megaliths were transported from a quarry over 25 miles from where the structure stands. The mysterious Easter Island Heads, which weigh up to 14 tons, were transported over 11 miles from their quarry. Easter Island is also one of the most remote populated islands in the world, with the nearest inhabited island being over 1,000 miles away. The Bada Valley Megaliths in Sumatera, Indonesia, are made from a type of stone not found anywhere close to the lush rice fields and flowing streams in which they are scattered. Why? Well, no one knows. (Note: If the Bada Valley link doesn't work, for some reason, you have to manually select "English.")

Bada Valley Megalithic Stones: Palindo
Palindo, "The Entertainer," is one of many Megaliths scattered across the Bada Valley. Source.

Anyway. Back to the receptors. According to this article about Pyramid Resonance, Gunung Padang is built along a "Belt of Infrasound" that circumferates the globe. For anyone that isn’t familiar, infrasound is a low-frequency sound that occurs below the “limit” of human hearing. Just as infrared light is a light that we cannot see with our eyes, yet has other effects; infrasound can also affect us, although we cannot hear it. Infrasound is often the cause of places believed to be haunted, as it can induce feelings of nausea, panic, extreme sorrow, revulsion, and even fear. Anyway… getting off topic again. 

Regardless of how infrasound makes you feel, it is an energy. Like all energy, if harnessed, can be used. At the top of Gunung Padang, there is a strange phenomenon that causes compasses to spin randomly. This shows the evidence of some sort of magnetic field around the structure. This same phenomenon has also been observed on other megalithic sites. Furthermore,numerous ancient sites, including the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Angkor Complex, Stonehenge, Easter Island, and hundreds of others, are also located on this “Infrasound Belt.”

As mentioned earlier, I haven’t done much research into the matter, nor have I ever heard this theory until recently. Therefore, I don’t (yet) have any opinion on the matter. I’m just sharing this because I find it to be interesting. 

Why it makes Sense

One of the main reasons I like this theory, is that it suddenly gives reason to ancient civilizations going through the trouble of hauling massive multi-ton stones into the middle of nowhere. If these stones were capable of “receiving” the infrasound energy and retransmitting it… well, that’s a good enough reason.  

Megalithic Carnac Stones in France
The Carnac Stones in France is the largest Megalithic complex in the world, consisting of over 3,000 menhirs,standing in rows that stretch for several kilometers.

Why it doesn't make Sense

It’s already been proven that the majority of Pyramids and Megalithic Structures are positioned with alignment to the stars. That much is not even an opinion anymore. So, they can’t really be positioned according the celestial bodies as well as the infrasound belt. 

Great Pyramids of Giza align with Orion
The Great Pyramids of Giza align perfectly with the Orion Constellation.
 Then again, maybe there is a relation between the infrasound belt and the stars. Maybe the Pyramids are receiving something other than just infrasound. Who knows?

Any opinions on the matter? Feel free to comment. 

You can also read more about the “Resonance Theory” at the following links:

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  1. A very interesting read. So very little is known about pyramids and I feel that there is so much to learn which would beneficial. I have been researching pyramids and other conical shapes for some time and the more I learn, the more I question. I have enjoyed reading your blog - will be back to play 'catch-up'.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Jeanne. :). I learn more about it everyday too. Will definitely be posting something new about it soon.

  2. Yet i still cant fathom why humans in the 21st century have endless amounts of equipment and expertise and yet still cant figure out what these megaliths were constructed for! Is there something else going on that we are not being told? I mean shit, we can explain billions of years worth of history and evolution but cant explain why a building is in its location? Come on give us a break!

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